At Mytheresa, we believe in shared goals and values that unite us as a community. At the same time, we also recognize and honor each and every member of our team as an individual and encourage all to contribute in their unique way. As a fast-growing multinational company, we consider it important that our teams share our values and vision.


We ask our employees to actively support a more inclusive and diverse Mytheresa. To achieve this, we offer trainings and lectures throughout the year to help our teams learn about inclusive behaviors and language in order to make everyone feel comfortable.


We honor days that celebrate both differences and similarities, such as LGBTQIA+ Pride Day and International Women’s Day.

To reflect diversity and inclusion, we have established a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion Committee in order to act as ambassadors within Mytheresa and to help embed and strengthen diversity and inclusion within the company culture. In addition, we have made diversity and inclusion a core part of our values and published guidelines to help everyone build a more diverse and inclusive Mytheresa.


Our employee network MYCommunity is open to every member of our team and dedicated to engendering support for diversity and inclusion through active participation. As such, it plays a major role in inviting employees from all departments, locations and seniority levels to participate in a welcoming and inclusive community. MYCommunity helps to coordinate initiatives that are strongly aligned with the Diversity & Inclusion Committee goals.